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Advanced Energy® Highlights Thermal Processing Solutions at SPS IPC Drives 2016

Visit Hall 3, Booth #350, to see AE®’s display of Onyx™ industrial pyrometers and Thyro-Family SCR power controllers, as well as a live demonstration of the measurement and control technologies in a simulated closed-loop furnace

Nuremberg, Germany, November 22, 2016—Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS), the world leader in precision power conversion, will highlight its new Onyx™ series of optical temperature pyrometers and enhanced Thyro-A® SCR power controllers at the annual SPS IPC Drives event in Nuremburg, November 22-24. The Advanced Energy® (AE®) thermal portfolio emphasizes high accuracy, repeatability and reliability, and incorporates Connected Power™ technology for Industry 4.0.

The new Onyx pyrometers are ideally suited for a wide variety of industrial materials, such as steel, non-ferrous metals, graphites, silicon carbon (SiC), carbon fiber and ceramics. Using the same design principles established over 20 years in pyrometry and optical temperature measurement in some of the world's most demanding applications, the series offers four industrial models:
  • Onyx™-S single-channel optical temperature pyrometer
  • Onyx™-S2C two-color ratio optical temperature pyrometer
  • Onyx™-MC multi-channel optical fiber pyrometer
  • Onyx™-MCE multi-channel optical fiber pyrometer with active emissivity compensation
The Thyro-Family of SCR power controllers includes an enhanced Thyro-A® model and a newly engineered Thyro-PX™ model with extended features and improved functionalities. The complete series (Thyro A®, Thyro-AX®, Thyro-PX®, Thyro-S®) offers options from 8 to 2900 A, up to 690 V, single-, dual-, and three-phase, with a wide selection of communication interfaces.
“AE customers have long-embraced our temperature measurement and control technologies to accurately and reliably regulate their specialized processes,” said Yuval Wasserman, president and CEO of Advanced Energy. “The new Onyx series and enhanced Thyro-A line have been specifically engineered for today’s industrial processes. They offer high-performance thermal processing solutions and incorporate smart communications.”

The SPS IPC Drives event will take place November 22-24, in Nuremberg, Germany, at the Nuremburg Convention Center. AE experts will be available at the company's booth (#3-350) to demonstrate the pyrometers and SCR power controllers as well as a new Connected Power feature that allows the products to communicate and share data—integrating the latest in Industry 4.0 automation technologies.

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