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Advanced Energy® Showcases Expanded Process Power and Control Technologies at SVC TechCon 2015

Santa Clara, Calif., April 29, 2015Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (NasdaqGM: AEIS), the world leader in precision power conversion, will present its expanded solutions at the 58th annual SVC TechCon 2015 conference in Santa Clara. Sponsored by the Society of Vacuum Coaters, this event is the leading vacuum coating conference and exhibition in North America. Advanced Energy (AE) will spotlight its latest breakthroughs in advanced pulsing DC and cathodic arc power, in addition to its new high-voltage DC products, serving high-tech and industrial vacuum coating applications for glass, hard coatings, display technologies, analytical instrumentation and more.

The new Ascent® AP (advanced pulsing) power supply is the catalyst for tomorrow’s single-magnetron sputtering of dielectric materials, adapting breakthrough control technology originally introduced for dual-magnetron applications. This complements the proven Ascent AMS and Ascent DMS products, which provide process stability and deposition rate improvements for newly designed vacuum systems as well as cost-saving retrofits of classic LF (low frequency) technologies. AE’s arc-bias solution brings a new level of precision and productivity to cathodic arc processes, delivering excellent plasma ionization, ion energy and throughput—and providing greater control over film properties for remarkably hard, dense, durable, adherent films. Finally, following its recent acquisitions of high-voltage technology, AE will showcase its highly capable and broad range of high-voltage power supplies with standard and custom options—and greater choice from a single, world-class supplier.

Yuval Wasserman, AE president and CEO, said, “Advanced Energy set the standard for process power in the vacuum coating industry. And we have delivered again with our advanced pulsing power supply—the latest breakthrough that will re-energize our customers and represent the future of sputtering.  Our complete portfolio of leading power and control technologies has served the industry well and will continue to enable our customers to innovate with stable processes, high-quality films, low-cost ownership and end-to-end solutions.”

Advanced Energy’s full lineup of process power, high-voltage and thermal products will include:

  • Ascent AP series with advanced plasma control for producing innovative dielectric and conductive films
  • Ascent AMS and DMS power-delivery systems, supporting a wide variety single- and dual-magnetron sputtering applications with unprecedented arc handling and power-delivery control, leading to process stability and increased deposition rates
  • Solvix® DC and pulsed-DC power-delivery systems for precise cathodic arc deposition requirements
  • Quanta™ RPS remote plasma sources for delivering a custom radical mix across a wide range of process chemistries and conditions
  • Paramount® RF power-delivery systems with pulsing and pulse synchronization, frequency tuning and a highly developed arc management system
  • High-voltage DC for standard and custom options in mission-critical high-voltage power in an array of applications
  • Sekidenko OR4000E optical fiber thermometers (OFT) with real-time emissivity measurement and compensation, and OR400M optical pyrometers for advanced thermal measurement and control
  • Thyristor power controller modules (SCRs) for industrial applications requiring precise thermal control
The SVC TechCon exhibition will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center, April 28-29. In addition to the exhibition, AE will participate in several sessions of the technical program. To learn more about AE's featured products and technology presentations, please visit booth #400, and the company's event web page at

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