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Advanced Energy Spotlights Three-Phase String Inverters at Ecobuild 2015

Visit AE at Ecobuild London, booth #S5134, and learn how to manage export limitations on PV rooftop or ground-mount installations, as well as solar plants

Metzingen, Germany, March 3, 2015—Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:AEIS), a leader in precision power conversion solutions, today will highlight its AE 3TL 40/46 string inverters that feature industry-leading export limitation controls at the Ecobuild 2015 solar exhibition in London.

Designed for maximum efficiency and yield, the AE 3TL 40/46 string inverters are well-suited for commercial rooftop and carport installations, as well as large-scale solar parks. They offer a high DC:AC ratio to maximize array capacity for higher energy production gains and increased profitability. In addition, AE ParkControl includes controls to help manage export limitations, which grid operators tightly regulate in the United Kingdom.

AE’s CEO Yuval Wasserman stated, "From discussions with our customers in recent months, we understand that UK grid operators are placing tougher export regulations on smaller installers. Our inverters provide a simple solution with easy-to-program limits that can match these more stringent standards in a cost-effective manner.”

Power reduction via remote control, dynamic adaptation of the reactive power and power monitoring are some typical features included in the system. System operators can record and evaluate all parameters important for feed-in management, while grid operators have the ability to adapt the power of the solar plant so that the network is optimally utilised.

Advanced Energy will showcase its AE 3TL string inverter technology at Ecobuild 2015, booth #S5134, March 3-5 at London's ExCeL Centre. For more information on the Advanced Energy AE3TL product line, please visit

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