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Advanced Energy Powers the Future of Thin Films With Innovative Technology at SVC TechCon 2014 
Next-generation advanced power conversion and control, with precision pulsing capability, enable exceptional thin films in industrial vacuum coating applications

Chicago, Illinois, May 6, 2014Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (NasdaqGM: AEIS), a world leader in power conversion for thin-film deposition, today will introduce its enhanced pulsing technology suite at the 57th annual SVC TechCon 2014 conference in Chicago. Sponsored by the Society of Vacuum Coaters, this event is the premier vacuum coating conference and exhibition in North America. The Advanced Energy (AE) pulsing lineup leverages more than 20 years of history to bring precision power delivery to small- and large-area industrial vacuum coating applications, such as glass, flat panel display, AMOLED display, hard coatings and optical coatings.

The first to introduce regulated pulsing to the market in the early 1990s for newly developed reactive sputtering processes, AE is extending its broad portfolio of pulsing products to enable the next wave of innovation. Its newest DC and RF power conversion systems offer advanced integrated pulsing options—including controlled voltage reversal, standard pulsing, bipolar pulsing, bias pulsing and arc pulsing, as well as synchronized pulsing between bias and arc sources. With AE’s controlled, precise, shaped power delivery, process engineers can tailor surface properties while maintaining high deposition rates more efficiently.

Designed to deliver 30 to 180 kW of bipolar power—with independent power control to each cathode—the Ascent® AMS and DMS power conversion products include a dynamic control system, extremely fast arc handling and the lowest stored energy in the industry. Despite the advanced feature set, the Ascent AMS and DMS products offer industry-leading cost of ownership through the customized duty cycle management of power to each target for increased target-erosion uniformity and full utilization of each cathode. The result is longer campaigns and an improved bottom line. Other unique features include selectable frequency and patented boost technology for optimized power delivery to each magnetron.

Yuval Wasserman, president of precision power, said, “Our comprehensive pulsing lineup shows the bold new direction that we, alongside our customers, envision for the future of sputtering in the global thin-film and industrial markets. The Ascent AMS and DMS products are truly game changers for precision power conversion, offering state-of-the art features, lowest cost of ownership and flexible operating modes for those customers that simply want to plug-and-run or those that wish to optimize the configurable settings for maximum power delivery and ROI. Stable processes, higher quality films and low cost of ownership equate to a strong return on investment.”

Advanced Energy will showcase its power conversion products for reactive sputtering, metallic sputtering and cathodic arc deposition at the SVC exhibition. Display units will include:
  • Ascent® AMS and DMS, as well as Pinnacle® Plus+ DC power-delivery systems, supporting a wide variety of thin-film coating applications
  • Solvix® DC and pulsed-DC power delivery systems for sputtering and cathodic arc deposition
  • Paramount® RF power delivery system with pulsing and pulse synchronization, frequency tuning and a highly developed arc management system
  • Navio® digital matching network for industrial applications
  • Sekidenko OR4000T optical fiber thermometer (OFT) and OR400M optical pyrometer for temperature measurement and control
  • Power controller modules (SCRs) for industrial applications requiring precise thermal control
  • The SVC TechCon exhibition will take place at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, May 6 - 7. In addition to the exhibition, the company will participate in several sessions of the technical program. To learn more about AE's featured products and technology presentations, please visit the company in booth 1100, and the company's event website at

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