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AE’s Pulsar™ High-Power DC Pulsing Accessory Adopted for Several Advanced Applications by End-Users Worldwide

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Feb. 7, 2006—Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS) today announced that its Pulsar™ High-Power DC Pulsing Accessory has been adopted by several leading end-user customers worldwide to enable the commercial viability of difficult, DC-power thin-film manufacturing processes for which straight DC power is inadequate. The Pulsar accessory has proven successful in reducing yield-crippling contamination, splattering and crazing, while improving target utilization in such varied applications as residential and architectural glass coating, flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing, roll-to-roll coating and headlight metallizing. In addition, the Pulsar accessory enables difficult processes to become competitive without costly start-up expenditures because it is a single, add-on solution designed to retrofit to old and new systems alike without the need to change power supplies or established control schemes.


Featuring single-output 40 kW, cost-effective 40/40 kW dual output as well as high-power 80 kW-capable versions, the Pulsar accessory’s exceptional, pre-emptive arc-management technology reverses the charge of a cathode to clear arc-inducing charge buildup. User-selectable frequency and reverse times allow customers to tailor the device’s capabilities to their specific processes. When an arc does occur, the Pulsar accessory shunts power away from the target for 20 micro seconds.

Dr. Hanz Betz, president and CEO of AE, noted, “AE has been the global leader in arc-management technology for over 20 years. The Pulsar DC accessory is our latest contribution to this tradition. The widespread popularity and rapid adoption of the Pulsar accessory underscores AE’s continued focus on innovative technology that delivers profitable results for our customers worldwide.”

The Pulsar accessory’s patented arc-management methodology enables increased target utilization and other commercial advantages in several difficult applications. In glass coating applications, the Pulsar device dramatically reduced crazing—web-like cracks near the glass’ edge. Moreover, its increased target utilization enabled effective coating processes during entire campaign cycles. In roll-to-toll coating applications, the accessory proved successful in alleviating splattering and contamination. For FPD applications, the accessory has consistently improved process yields, and in some cases, has enabled 100% yield.

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