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AE® Celebrates Its 25-Year Anniversary With New Product Launches

FORT COLLINS, Colo., May 2, 2006—Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS) this week celebrates the 25th anniversary of the corporation. Enterprising co-founder and current Chairman of the Board Douglas S. Schatz established Advanced Energy, financing the business with a second mortgage. AE has since grown into a publicly traded and globally recognized leader in innovative power and control technologies that drive high-growth, plasma thin film and nanotech manufacturing processes. AE serves its customers across the globe with 18 facilities in seven countries, including design and launch centers, a high-volume manufacturing center and worldwide sales and support offices. In addition, AE also serves our global customers through an expert network of representatives, distributors and partners.

AE maintains a keen commitment to its customers and the industries it serves, including the semiconductor, flat panel display, data storage, solar cell, architectural glass and other advanced product applications. Beyond award-winning technology, world-class support centers and leading application expertise, AE plans to extend its commitments to customers by launching new products into multiple global markets over the next 12 months. These new products will offer AE customers competitive advantages and complement the company’s existing portfolio of precise, flexible power systems; reliable gas and liquid flow-management systems; accurate thermal instruments; and global support services.

To honor the talents and contributions of all of AE’s worldwide employees, each facility will hold its own celebration on or around May 5.

Dr. Hans Betz, president and CEO of AE, stated, “While technology remains the backbone of AE, our current culture emphasizes partnering with our customers around the world to proactively understand and address the issues critical to their success. This in turn will help grow our business and our continued success.”

Historical Snapshot
In 1981, Mr. Schatz invented AE’s first commercial product, the IT 2500, which greatly improved on the competitively available products. Mr. Schatz then leveraged the core technology in the IT 2500 to develop the MDX magnetron drive—a power supply more reliable, more efficient and more than 10 times smaller than any other commercially available power supply at the time. In 1983, the MDX won Industrial Research and Development Magazine’s prestigious “R&D 100” award which honors the 100 most significant inventions in the U.S.A. each year.

Since then, AE has enjoyed a 25-year history of expansion with a lengthy list of technology and business awards and commercial successes. The company posted sales of $325.5 million for the full-year 2005.

Historical Highlights

  • 1981 Founded in Colorado, U.S.A. on May 5
  • 1987 Japanese office opened
  • 1990 German office opened
  • 1993 U.K. office opened
  • 1995 Listed on Nasdaq
  • 1996 Korean office opened
  • 1998 RF Power Products acquired
  • 1999 Taiwan office opened
  • 2000 China office opened
  • 2001 Sekidenko acquired
  • 2002 Aera® Corporation acquired
  • 2002 Litmas™ acquired
  • 2002 Dressler® acquired 

About Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy is a global leader in the development and support of technologies critical to high-technology, high-growth manufacturing processes used in the production of semiconductors, flat panel displays, data storage products, solar cells, architectural glass, and other advanced product applications

Leveraging a diverse product portfolio and technology leadership, Advanced Energy creates solutions that maximize process impact, improve productivity and lower the cost of ownership for its customers. This portfolio includes a comprehensive line of technology solutions in power, flow, thermal management, and plasma and ion beam sources for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users around the world.

Advanced Energy operates in regional centers in North America, Asia and Europe and offers global sales and support through direct offices, representatives and distributors. Founded in 1981, Advanced Energy is a publicly held company traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol AEIS. For more information, please visit our corporate website:

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