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AE’s Aera® Transformer Mass Flow Controller (MFC) Awarded Default-Standard Status by Major Japanese Equipment Supplier

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Mar. 8, 2006—Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS) today announced that its Aera® Transformer digital MFC has been awarded default-standard status on a new semiconductor platform by a major Japanese original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The Transformer family enables this leading OEM’s equipment to run with optimal process flexibility and efficiency. This OEM’s new semiconductor platform requires precise flow control for today’s most advanced applications. The Transformer MFC earned default-standard status by out-performing competitive units.

This new platform will run today’s most demanding applications, necessitating outstanding MFC response, accuracy, repeatability and exceptional reliability. During the rigorous process of qualifying for this new platform, the Transformer MFC consistently demonstrated higher mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) performance over non-Aera MFCs. The higher Transformer MTBF was proven to contribute to reduced platform downtime and improved throughput and yield.

“AE’s Aera flow products have a strong tradition of extraordinary performance and reliability,” commented Dr. Hans Betz, president and CEO of AE. “Our Transformer MFCs have taken those advantages a step further by offering customers functionality that directly correlates to process improvements and profitable operation for both OEM and end-user customers.”

With the inherently flexible Transformer family, as few as eight different Transformer multi-gas, multi-range (MGMR) models can support an entire fab’s MFC requirements. Pulling a Transformer MFC from inventory, customers can readily program it to meet their exacting specifications—without the traditional time and expense required to calibrate other MFCs. In addition, running any gas and gas-flow range between 10 sccm and 30 slm, the Transformer family features advanced sensor and valve technology, field-proven components and high-speed, digital circuitry to deliver the most precise gas-flow control available.

Further, once these platforms are installed, AE will continue to support this OEM and its end-user customers around the world through a well-established global support infrastructure in all the major manufacturing regions, including Asia, the United States and Europe. 

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