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AE Introduces Specialized DC Power Systems Delivering Higher Yields and Increased Throughput for the Most Demanding PVD Applications

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Feb. 15, 2005—Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS) today introduced its new Summit™ series of DC power conversion and control systems for the most advanced PVD applications. These specialized power systems enable higher yields, increased throughput and a new level of process flexibility for the most demanding Generation 7 and 8 flat panel display (FPD) and sub-65 nm semiconductor applications.


As leading-edge manufacturers seek to push their processes to new performance levels, they require state-of-the-science arc management as well as exceptional power repeatability and precision to achieve the tight plasma process control for consistently high yields. Summit power systems deliver these advanced features along with an extended output power range and complete target utilization. Summit systems’ ability to accommodate all regional input voltages enables superior operating flexibility in the vast majority of electricity supply circumstances, including brownouts. Further, their modular design enhances process tool performance and reliability.

Executive Vice President of AE’s core products and operations group, Steve Rhoades, noted, “Customers around the world look to Advanced Energy to help innovate their processes with exacting power delivery that helps improve plasma process control. The Summit DC power systems’ unprecedented arc management enables higher yields in the newest PVD applications. Their versatile operating range has already given our customers the ability to operate their next-generation tools in ground-breaking processes.”

Summit™ Power Systems’ Technology and Capabilities
Summit DC power systems were developed specifically to meet the demanding process requirements of Generation 7 and 8 FPD and reduced-geometry semiconductor applications. They efficiently deliver up to 50 kW from 300 to 3000 VDC while interfacing with an input power range of 380 to 480 VAC. Summit systems establish a new standard in arc management by delivering a miniscule 12 mJoules of energy into a plasma arc at full power. Their modular design eases installation and maintenance, increasing tool uptime and reliability.

Moreover, in critical reactive processes requiring an extreme level of arc management, AE’s new Pulsar™ pulsing accessory offers exceptional process control. Using patented technology, the Pulsar accessory enhances Summit systems’ capabilities, further minimizing damaging arc effects in processes requiring low contamination. Pulsar capability has also demonstrated improved film density when forming complex compounds.

About Advanced Energy
Advanced Energy is a global leader in the development and support of technologies critical to high-technology manufacturing processes used in the production of semiconductors, flat panel displays, data storage products, compact discs, digital video discs, architectural glass, and other advanced product applications.

Leveraging a diverse product portfolio and technology leadership, AE creates solutions that maximize process impact, improve productivity and lower cost of ownership for its customers. This portfolio includes a comprehensive line of technology solutions in power, flow and thermal management, plasma and ion beam sources, and integrated process monitoring and control for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users around the world.

AE operates in regional centers in North America, Asia and Europe and offers global sales and support through direct offices, representatives and distributors. Founded in 1981, AE is a publicly held company traded on Nasdaq National Market under the symbol AEIS. For more information, please visit our corporate Website: