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Advanced Energy Introduces the Ovation™ Very-High Frequency Power Delivery System for Emerging Semiconductor Etch Applications

Unique power-matching technique enables faster processing and higher film quality than was previously possible


Fully integrated, power delivery system with on-board plasma measurement provides new insights into chamber plasma performance

FORT COLLINS, Colo., June 29, 2004—Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS) today introduced the breakthrough Ovation™ very-high frequency (VHF) power delivery system. The newest addition to AE’s industry-leading power portfolio, this fully integrated power-delivery system enables faster, higher-precision processes, such as those required for sub-90 and sub-65 nm etch applications, through implementation of a unique power delivery scheme. The Ovation power system was specifically designed to expand the tight process windows constraining advanced etch processes by providing a new standard for power density, wide operating range and unmatched transient response.

Today’s demanding, narrow-linewidth dielectric etch processes increasingly require rapid transitioning between process steps with a power solution that ensures consistent and repeatable performance. The Ovation VHF power-delivery system is the first to accurately deliver power into a non-50-ohm environment without an external sensor, allowing the Ovation solution to react faster than traditional power supplies. Embedded measurement technology enables previously unavailable insight into chamber plasma parameters and performance. Further, 60-MHz technology reduces voltage potential across the plasma sheath, minimizing ion etch damage, and thus improving film quality and yields.

Advanced Energy CEO Doug Schatz commented, “The Ovation VHF power-delivery system extends AE’s lead in the power arena, with unprecedented performance for an integrated power source. With power becoming an increasingly critical enabler of process performance, next-generation power systems must be able to meet both the process and production requirements of today’s most advanced fabs.”

Senior Vice President and GM of AE’s core products group Steve Rhoades noted, “To date, no other supplier has been able to deliver a very-high-frequency power system with this range of features for exacting etch performance at the sub-90 nm nodes. This is yet another example of AE’s continuing ability to deliver competitive advantage to our customers.”

Ovation™ Very-High Frequency Power Delivery System Technology and Capabilities
Developed to meet the demanding requirements of advanced etch processes, the Ovation VHF power system efficiently delivers optimal power—up to 2.7 kW at a fixed 60 MHz. The system’s unique power-delivery scheme offers the highest power efficiency and power density commercially available—in a compact, half-rack unit, nearly half the size of competing systems. The Ovation power system also features embedded voltage and current measurement technology for real-time data mining. This feature enables previously unavailable insight into chamber plasma parameters.

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