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Advanced Energy Unveils the RAS (Redundant Anode Sputtering) Split Inductor

Fort Collins, Colo., Dec. 3, 2002—Advanced Energy (Nasdaq: AEIS) introduced the redundant anode sputtering (RAS) split inductor that eliminates the “disappearing anode” problem from single-target reactive sputtering processes, thus enabling such systems to approximate DC sputtering rates. During the deposition cycle of a reactive sputtering single-cathode system, the insulating film coats every surface in the chamber, including the anode. As the insulating layer of the anode thickens, the discharge becomes increasingly unstable until it is finally extinguished. This phenomenon, labeled the “disappearing anode” problem, is associated with a lowered deposition rate and intensified anode arcing. Such arcing can increase particle contamination of the substrate. By adding a second anode and the RAS accessory, the anodes remain viable.


Previously, this required an additional target/cathode proving costly and complex. Indeed, these targets were not designed to be anodes in the first place. By complying with the design of the system and related components, process anomalies, higher substrate temperatures and reduced sputter rates associated with dual cathode systems are minimized.

Brenda Scholl, senior vice president of AE’s Power Systems business unit, said “Being able to economically upgrade your single magnetron system easily to do reactive sputtering allows process expandability not previously achievable. The patented RAS process provides continuous cleaning of the anodes while sputtering from the target 100 percent of the time. Not only will this increase the throughput and prevent costly maintenance, it also provides a better film using a plasma which is more consistent than that provided by two magnetrons.”

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