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Sekidenko Introduces the 4000DRT Deposition Rate Tuner for Semiconductor Dielectric PECVD Processes

VANCOUVER, Wash., June 5, 2001--Sekidenko, an Advanced Energy (AE) Company (Nasdaq: AEIS), today announced the introduction of its Model 4000DRT Deposition Rate Tuner for online film thickness prediction and uniformity tuning of dielectric PECVD processes. The 4000DRT offers a powerful new way to optimize and control PECVD tool processes by combining optical pyrometry, proprietary electronics and a graphical interface. The 4000DRT acquires temperature profiles to precisely characterize heat transfer between showerheads and the heater block during all process steps, and as a tool ages with use.


"Our customers are able to use the 4000DRT to optimize tool productivity, perform rapid recipe revision to achieve minimum thickness range and to avoid misprocessed wafers through the use of the predictive thickness feature," said Joe Kirchhoff, vice president of sales and marketing for Sekidenko. The impact of this instrument in the fab extends beyond the PECVD tool-to CMP throughput and offline metrology. The 4000DRT is an example of how Sekidenko and AE are working to provide our customers with best-of-breed solutions."

The 4000DRT precisely determines the unique temperature profiles of every step in a PECVD process based on the measured emissivities of the tool components. The proprietary software analyzes the temperature profiles and calculates accurate film thickness predictions for 100% percent of the wafers in a lot in less than ten seconds. These temperature profiles are graphical logs of all the process steps that have actually occurred, helping to verify the deposition process. The 4000DRT offers:

  • Reduced dielectric film thickness variability-wafer-to-wafer and run-to- run-by calculating recipe changes that counteract thickness variability due to temperature excursions and showerhead condition ("first-wafer effects")
  • Instrument installation with no tool modification or disruption to production
  • Extended tool and component life by enabling the tool to be tuned as a system for minimum thickness range to compensate for chamber part changes
  • Pilot wafer use reduction due to the generation of virtual temperature profiles and accurate thickness predictions
  • Support for online metrology
  • Single-chamber and dual-chamber solutions for C-1 and Sequel tools

Copies of the 4000DRT brochure are available on AE's website at www.advanced- or by sending a request via e-mail to The 4000DRT will be demonstrated at the Advanced Energy booth at SEMICON West in San Francisco, Calif., July 16-18, 2001.

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