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Thermoelectric Temperature Control Literature For Advanced Etch Now Available From Noah Precision

San Jose, California (November 8, 2000)—A new series of literature describing thermoelectric temperature control for advanced semiconductor etch applications is now available from Noah Precision, an Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. company (NASDAQ NM: AEIS). Noah's point-of-use (POU) systems provide superior dynamic temperature control for the wafer chuck and chamber walls. Noah's broad product line also includes systems that can also provide many process advantages for wet etch and track applications.


POU System Benefits

  • Precise temperature control in real time
  • No temperature drift
  • Compact design
  • Small footprint
  • High reliability
  • Solid-state operation with only one moving part
  • Process flexibility
  • Low power usage
  • High tool up-time
  • Environmentally friendly operation

Copies of the brochure and data sheets describing Noah's POU systems are available at no charge by sending a request via e-mail to

Noah Precision, an Advanced Energy Company, is the world's leading manufacturer of solid-state, Peltier-based temperature control systems for the semiconductor industry. Noah designs, manufactures, and markets dynamic temperature control products, which are incorporated into wafer process equipment. They are used to prevent temperature drift in semiconductor manufacturing processes including plasma etch, wet etch, and photolithography. Noah’s products incorporate leading edge technology, making them energy efficient, environmentally friendly, compact, and highly reliable. Advanced Energy (www.advanced- acquired Noah Precision ( in April 2000. Founded in 1981, Advanced Energy is a publicly held company traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol AEIS.