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Redundant Anode Sputtering White Paper Released By Advanced Energy

Fort Collins, Colorado (October 16, 2000)—A new white paper, "Redundant Anode Sputtering: A Novel Approach to the Disappearing Anode Problem," has been published as part of a series of technical white papers by Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS).


This paper describes a new method of sputtering an insulating material on a substrate. This method offers numerous advantages over previous techniques such as dual magnetron sputtering. The new approach uses a single target, the surface of which is kept free from unwanted charging and resultant arcing using alternating power. The system also does not suffer from the "disappearing anode" effect and can be operated continuously in a production environment. This is accomplished through use of an ac power supply and a novel anode and circuit configuration that uses the plasma itself as a rectifier to convert the applied alternating power to dc power for the single cathode. The system is described in detail and preliminary experimental results are presented.

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