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Copper Plating Pulsed DC Power Supply now Available from Advanced Energy

August 6, 1999—The E-Wave bi-polar pulsed dc power supply for the copper plating phase of dual-damascene process flow (DDPF) applications is now available from Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS). The compact E-Wave supply has four, independently-controlled pulsed dc channels with versatile waveform construction. Each channel stores 15 waveforms as well as 15 recipes. The supply features host computer control which allows waveforms to be changed on the fly, four-terminal control and measurement of voltage at the wafer, and high current capability.



  • Higher yields: better film property control; evens out PVD non-uniformities
  • Lower cost of ownership: reduces additive consumption; saves clean-room space
  • More devices per wafer: smaller feature size
  • Greater throughput: higher current for faster bulk fill
  • Process flexibility and optimization: versatile waveform and host control
  • Process repeatability: four-terminal control allows placement of the supply away from the copper bath; small size allows placement next to the bath
  • Expandable to 300 mm applications: higher current capability

The E-Wave supply completes AE’s suite of products for plasma etch, PVD, and CVD dual-damascene processes. This suite compliments AE’s established products for traditional etch, PVD, and CVD. Copies of AE product brochures are available at no charge via e-mail to or from the web at

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of power supplies and related products that are critical in the manufacturing of semiconductors, data storage devices, flat panel displays, and other industrial products using thin-film technology such as glass coatings, decorative coatings, and optical coatings. Founded in 1981, AE is a publicly held company traded on Nasdaq, symbol, AEIS. Its web site address is