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Industrial, Low Maintenance Ion-Beam Sources now Available from Advanced Energy

June 9, 1999—A new generation of ion-beam sources with industrial, low maintenance, high yield functions has been introduced by Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS). Advantages to end users include improved process performance, quality, and cost of ownership over previous source technologies. The product line includes multi-cell sources (for rotating and stationary substrates) and linear sources (for in-line systems).



  • No filaments or hollow cathodes
  • No grids or ion optics
  • Reactive gas compatible
  • Industrial, low maintenance design
  • Field proven dc power supply
  • Easily retrofittable


  • In situ pre-clean and etch with inert gases (e.g., Ar) and reactive gases (e.g., O2) as well as chemically-assisted in situ etch
  • Direct deposition of films and overcoats using precursors (e.g., hydrocarbons and metalorganic compounds)
  • Assisted deposition for optical, R&D, and semiconductor processes which use low-pressure deposition sources, lasers, or electron beams

Copies of the brochure describing these ion sources are available at no charge by sending a request via e-mail to or from the web at

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