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Advanced Energy Opens new Facility in Austin

April 27, 1999 — Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (AE) (Nasdaq NM: AEIS) announces that it has expanded its Austin, Tex., operations and has moved into a new facility.


The Austin site houses 28 of AE’s worldwide 945 employees. The new facility space totals 19,800 square feet, with an open floor plan between offices and manufacturing. Special features of the facility include an electrostatic discharge (ESD) floor, 2,000 amp electrical service, chilled water loop, compressed air, and nitrogen service. The floor layout incorporates a “power corridor” concept to minimize facilitation costs.

The site’s manufacturing functions include planning, procurement, test engineering, assembly and test, and shipping. Currently three product lines are manufactured in AE Austin. Four additional product lines will be added in 1999. The site’s instrumentation business unit functions include development, engineering, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and customer service.

AE first opened a facility in Austin in 1994 to serve semiconductor equipment makers in the area. The decision to expand the site and move to a new facility was taken to better serve Austin customers as well as to house Austin-based Fourth State Technology (FST) which AE acquired in 1998. AE’s new Austin site houses both semiconductor manufacturing and the Fourth State Technology instrumentation business unit.

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and support of power conversion and control systems, process control instrumentation, and related products that are critical in the manufacturing of semiconductors, data storage devices, flat panel computer displays, and other products using thin-film technology. Founded in 1981, AE is a publicly held company. Its stock is traded under the Nasdaq symbol AEIS. The Web site address is