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Advanced Energy Releases Pulsed Plasma Technology White Paper

MARCH 19, 1999 -"Power Supplies for Pulsed Plasma Technologies: State-of-the-Art Outlook” is now available as part of the white paper series from Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (AE).


“Power Supplies for Pulsed Plasma Technologies: State-of-the-Art Outlook” discusses the development of pulsed plasma systems, looking at the interaction between power supplies and plasma as well as and power supply design evolution from a simple powering element to a key system element.

The author of the paper, Richard A. Scholl, is AE’s chief technology officer. In his paper, he discusses non-linear effects and the effect of source impedance on plasma properties as well as current state-of-the-art of pulsed power supplies. The paper concludes with a discussion of the direction of future developments in processing and pulsed power, including the effect of availability of semiconducting switching devices for RF power generators as well as for dc and low-frequency ac power supplies.

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