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Advanced Energy Releases RF Power Delivery White Paper

FEBRUARY 4, 1999 — “The Evolution of RF Power Delivery in Plasma Processing” is now available as part of the white paper series from Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (AE).


“The Evolution of RF Power Delivery in Plasma Processing” discusses the role of radio frequency technology in plasma processing for critical high-density CVD and PECVD deposition, etch, and PVD processes. The paper details the use of linear and switching design technologies for applications including semiconductor manufacture, IC fabrication, thin-film heads for disks, CDs, and hard disk coatings.

The authors provide an overview of the advantages fixed match technology brings to process repeatability and RF system reliability, as well as a discussion of the fully integrated RF power delivery system, the most recent RF power technology breakthrough.

Authors of the paper are: Randy Heckman, director of RF engineering; Gregory Roche, director of applications research and development, and James R. Usher, previously business unit director for the worldwide semiconductor market and now president and chief operating officer of Busch Semiconductor Equipment Group, Inc.

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