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Advanced Energy Introduces Single-Unit RF Power Delivery System

July 13,1998 - Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (AE), will introduce the first fully integrated 13.56 MHz RF power delivery system July 13-15 at Semicon West in San Francisco (Booth # 2202).


Designed for process and equipment engineers who use thin-film technology in the manufacture of semiconductors, data storage devices, and flat panel display products, the Apex™ system provides power repeatability, increased reliability, and lower cost through the integration of the 13.56 MHz power amplifier, impedance match, and VI probe.

The Apex single-package design achieves these benefits through significantly reducing the number of parts over existing RF power delivery systems and incorporating AE's SwitchMatch™, a selectable fixed impedance match using pin diodes, says Jim Gentilcore, senior vice president of sales and marketing. "Apex is not an incremental step in addressing an issue," he explains, "but is a major technology breakthrough."

In terms of repeatability, the Apex system completely eliminates the 10-25 percent power loss inherent in typical component configurations, says Gentilcore, by directly delivering RF power to the source. Apex provides accurate delivery of set point power because the power amplifier, SwitchMatch, and VI probe are installed directly at the load. "A user then can measure and regulate plasma impedance changes through closed loop control signals back to the generator," he adds.

With Apex, AE also has increased reliability in an RF delivery system to exceed MTBF of 200,000 hours – a 300 percent improvement over typical existing configurations. The Apex system uses up to 40 percent fewer parts than existing competitive component configurations and eliminates all moving parts associated with conventional impedance matching networks. Fewer parts – and no moving parts – says Gentilcore, mean fewer repairs, higher reliability, reduction in inventory carrying costs, and simplification of inventory on hand. "The result is a positive impact on the bottom line for the system integrator."

The single-package Apex system is up to 50 percent smaller in size than previous AE component systems, and more than 50 percent smaller than competitive systems, says Gentilcore. The Apex system can accommodate on-board tool or remote rack installations, using less clean room space.

The Apex product platform is available in power ranges of 1 kW to 10 kW, and frequencies of 13.56 MHz and 27.12 MHz. The Apex platform also provides pulsed output capability.

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of power supplies and associated components that are critical in the manufacturing of semiconductors, data storage devices, flat panel computer displays, and other products using thin-film technology. Advanced Energy is a publicly held company with 1997 annual revenues of $141.9 million. Its symbol on NASDAQ is AEIS.