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Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

Colin Quinn Named Director of Advanced Energy’s New Plasma Source Development Group

FORT COLLINS, Colorado (March 17, 1998)—Colin Quinn has been named Director of Plasma Source Development at Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (AE). In announcing the new appointment, AE’s COO Hollis Caswell noted that, “The Plasma Source effort presents a new business opportunity for Advanced Energy. I am confident that Colin and his group will be able to capitalize upon this opportunity and bring significant new business to AE."


Mr. Quinn has a strong background in Plasma Source technology. Since January 1996, he has been AE’s Senior Marketing Manager for the Data Storage industry. Prior to joining AE, he spent 15 years with Commonwealth Scientific as Sales and Marketing Manager.

In his new capacity as Director of Plasma Source Development, Mr. Quinn has responsibility for AE’s emerging business opportunities in this field. He will develop the Plasma Source marketing plan for the company, and his group will develop prototypes for customer evaluation. He will coordinate efforts to integrate Plasma Source and power supply solutions for a wide variety of applications. Mr. Quinn commented, “The increased requirement for continual improvements in thin-film processing presents AE with a unique opportunity to grow its business and to provide a high-quality product to several dynamic industries.”

Founded in 1981, AE is a leading supplier of power conversion and control systems for plasma-based thin film production equipment. Our systems are critical to industrial processes that use gaseous plasmas to deposit or etch thin film layers on materials or substrates such as glass, silicon, and metals during the manufacture of semiconductors, data storage media, flat panel displays, and a host of other products.