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Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
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New Bi-Polar Pulse DC Power Supplies for Industrial Applications

OCTOBER 20, 1998—Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (AE), announces the Astral* 120 bi-polar dc pulsing power supply for industrial dual- and single-cathode sputtering applications. These units offer up to 120 kW of delivered power and can increase deposition due to the ability of a bi-polar dc square wave to deliver more power into the load at the requested power level. Independent control of each cathode allows the user to balance the power between unlike cathodes. Further, a patented arc-prevention circuit reduces arc-related defects, providing higher yields.

Benefits Summary

  • Can increase deposition because its bi-polar dc square wave delivers more power into the load at the requested power level
  • Field-proven process benefits large-area coating applications
  • Increases yield due to significantly reduced arc-related defects
  • Allows independent adjustment of the power to each cathode
  • Controls relative target power dynamically during sputtering
  • Enables reactive sputtering with two targets of differing size (or different materials) with precise power control to each
  • Allows film deposition of controlled and graded indices of refraction by sputtering two different metals in reactive processes
For a free copy of literature describing the Astral 120 series, contact AE (see above).

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