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Dual-Cathode Reactive Sputtering Power Supply with Bi-Polar Pulsing Described in New Brochure

FORT COLLINS, Colorado (May 31, 1996)—Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (AE) introduces the most flexible plasma-process development tool available for dual-cathode sputtering—the MDX Astral 20 kW bi-polar pulse power supply. By offering independent control of the power delivered to each cathode, this sophisticated power supply delivers maximum performance for dual-cathode reactive-mode sputtering of single compounds and alloys. It also offers adjustable frequency and duty cycle as well as low-arc energy.


As the next-generation research tool and production power supply, this unit delivers the ultimate in versatility and high-film quality:

  • Never before have you been able to control the power to dual cathodes independently.
  • This new technology gives you new and expanded research possibilities.
  • You can now easily evaluate new thin-film alloys in your own lab.
  • You’ll enjoy enhanced film quality due to low-arc energy.
  • The advanced flexibility of continuously adjustable frequency and duty cycle lets you evaluate new process ideas more quickly than ever before.

For a free copy of the brochure describing the MDX Astral™ power supply (AE #5600048), contact AE at the address and phone number given above.

Founded in 1980, AE is a leading supplier of power conversion and control systems for plasma-based thin film production equipment. Our systems are critical to industrial processes that use gaseous plasmas to deposit or etch thin film layers on materials or substrates such as glass, silicon, and metals during the manufacture of semiconductors, data storage media, flat panel displays, and a host of other products.