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Gentilcore Assumes VP Position at Advanced Energy

FORT COLLINS, Colorado (May 31, 1996)—Jim Gentilcore has been named Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support for Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. In announcing the new appointment, AE’s President and CEO Doug Schatz noted that, “Jim Gentilcore’s proven marketing and management capabilities in the global plasma industry mesh perfectly with the company’s goal of increasing our focus on the specific needs of our customers.”


Before joining Advanced Energy on March 25, Mr. Gentilcore spent six years at MKS Instruments, most recently as Vice President of Marketing. Before that, he was a Vice President in CTI Cryogenics.

At AE, Mr. Gentilcore has direct responsibility for worldwide sales and marketing efforts as well as the company’s customer-specific business units. Upon joining Advanced Energy, Mr. Gentilcore said, “I’m pleased to join the strong team that’s already in place and focused on delighting our customers.”

Founded in 1980, AE is a leading supplier of power conversion and control systems for plasma-based thin film production equipment. Our systems are critical to industrial processes that use gaseous plasmas to deposit or etch thin film layers on materials or substrates such as glass, silicon, and metals during the manufacture of semiconductors, data storage media, flat panel displays, and a host of other products.